Quick to the Rescue

Quick to the Rescue - High Performance Paramedic Footwear

Goliath’s Serotina 8 inch safety boots offers the ideal comfort and protection needed for the role of a paramedic.  With a lightweight construction and deep padding, the Serotina (HPAM1301) are suitable for driving and kneeling when attending incidents, and with a lace up / side zip combo, these boots are certainly quick to get on and off!   The Serotina include a lightweight aluminium toe cap to prevent toe injuries whilst maneuvering patients or on hazardous terrain, and a nail-proof midsole to protect from sharp objects underfoot too. With a high grip rating and a safety spec you would normally find in heavier industrial boots, the Serotina’s lightweight PU / Rubber sole construction make you feel nimble and responsive and ready for action.  Get full spec