Goliath Footwear partner World leading technology brands to bring the ultimate in safety footwear performance and wearer comfort.  It is especially important for people working in extreme weather conditions, or those in emergency service roles, to be assured of high quality durable footwear to meet their needs. 

Whilst some brands claim their safety shoes and boots are waterproof, did you know that the standard water ingress test does allow for some leakage?  At Goliath we don’t think that allowing any water into a boot that we claim is waterproof is a good idea, especially when you have a long work day to get through.  That is why we partner with work leading technical fabric brands GORE-TEX and CROSSTECH who produce optimum durable waterproof fabrics, that integrate with Goliath footwear designs.  GORE-TEX and CROSSTECH work together with Goliath’s specially selected leather to produce the optimal breathable and waterproof conditions so the wearer can feel dry and comfortable  It’s not a short term solution either, as GORE-TEX fabrics endure significant durability, crumple and centrifuge testing, and instil regular testing within the production process at the Goliath Footwear factory to give full assurance of long lasting high performance waterproof products.