Specialist wildland fire and rescue boots Apollo designed for significant increase in England’s wildland fires

The massive increase in summer wildland fires over recent years has meant that firefighters have had to adapt their PPE to these changing demands and conditions.  Wildland fire boots, Apollo, are designed to offer cool comfort, with flame
retardant breathable textile panels together with high performing Dual Density Rubber soling technology and provide a fit for purpose solution for the growing prevalence of wildland fires.

Fire and Rescue Services can purchase Apollo Wildland Fire boots directly from the manufacturer Goliath Footwear (from UK stock) by contacting the sales team sales@goliath.co.uk or calling +44 (0)1274 860380

According to data obtained by PA Media Fire services recorded at least 24,316 wildfires in England from June to August 2022. This is almost four times the 6,213 in the equivalent period in 2021, and about two and a half times the 9,369 for June to August 2020.

Fire and rescue services continue to look for the most appropriate and high performing PPE solutions with footwear needing to withstand the sweltering temperatures and associated fire risks, resulting from a changing climate.   With Fire and Rescue personnel working for very long periods of time in hot and dry conditions Wildland fire boots Apollo (F2AR1352) offer superior comfort and performance compared to traditional firefighter boots whilst meeting the latest firefighter protection standards EN ISO 15090 2012 F1PA HI3 P T CI AN SRC, CI, HI, HRO, WR, SRC.

Goliath Groundmasters In Stock Now

Goliath Footwear Construction Boots

Groundmasters Industrial Safety Footwear Fully Stocked in UK.

Goliath Footwear are now fully stocked on the durable Groundmaster range of safety boots featuring Dual Density Rubber DDR sole technology.  This range is trusted by major utilities and construction companies worldwide to keep their employees protected, and offers the comfort advantages of a sponge-like air injected mid-layer within the sole. 

The Groundmaster range includes an industrial safety shoe SDR16SI, suitable for site managers, the chukka boot EL170DDR and ankle boot SDR10CSI suitable for construction sites and heavy industrial work environments.  The SDR15CSIZ is a calf length boot with a side zip feature for quick release.

The SDR10CSI GTX Centaurus includes GORE-TEX fabric for a fully waterproof and breathable wearer experience.

The DDR sole system is constructed and injected together in two distinct layers to produce the required performance level, using rubber for with natural durable and heat resistant properties. The secret rubber compound formula combined with Goliath’s investment is DESMA robotic machinery, make this manufacturing process very difficult to replicate. 

All raw materials used in the Goliath Groundmaster range are tested in a SATRA approved testing lab, to ensure the fully constructed boot meets the latest protective footwear regulations.  This includes sourcing the most suitable leather and safety components (safety toe cap and protective midsole) for industrial environments.  Goliath’s leather selection during the R & D process is very important to ensure the whole boot system works well for it’s purpose, in particular for durability and breathability to moderate a wearer’s comfort during heavy work.  As an approved GORE-TEX technology partner, Goliath Footwear integrates GORE-TEX fabrics together approved with quality raw materials and a quality assured manufacturing process (ISO9001), and this approach reflects Goliath’s core objective to produce high standards throughout their range. 


Intelligent Met Guard for Public Order Boot


Resilient Defender: Control Public Order Boots with D3O®

Public order boot ‘Control’  to standard BS7971-5: 2016 features a made to order option of ‘intelligent’D3O metatarsal protection. The D3O material is implemented in the lining of the boot so that in standard conditions,the molecules flow freely allowing the material to remain soft and flexible, but on impact, they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. The wearer will feel the D3O material flexing and moving when walking and running yet it will provide the optimum protection against kicks and heavy objects being thrown at them. A cut resistant lining to protect from missiles and other sharp objects, plus a nail proof textile midsole encases the foot for full protection. Added to this is a flame resistant Dual Density Rubber Sole injected onto the uppers for outstanding bond strength and, versus other public order boots with PU/Rubber boots on the market, withstands greater instances of heat (300°C).  The combination of protective features including fire retardant lace and thread, and downward facing seams for petrol run off, has been proven to successfully protect officers in the Public Order role and is currently being used by various Police forces and prisons around the UK.

Normal service resumes 7th May 2020

Safety Footwear to Depend On:  Normal Service Resumes 7th May

During this World pandemic everyone has learned the importance of dependable PPE, and medical staff have been incredible in caring for those in need.  As a business we sincerely thank the NHS for their dedication and courage on the frontline fighting Covid-19.

At Goliath Footwear we continue to serve UK and International PPE Distributors with footwear fit for heavy industrial or hazardous environments from construction and engineering through to Public Order Policing and Firefighting.  Our customers understand the need for long lasting solutions that are comfortable and fit for purpose, and we are pleased we can continue to supply footwear in this crisis to keyworkers and industrial sectors to meet the demand.

It is so important to our business to provide high quality products that meet the rigorous testing of European Safety Footwear EN ISO 20345 standard and the Firefighting Footwear EN ISO 15090 standard to give assurance to purchasers and wearers.   Our in house SATRA accredited testing lab TEKNOTEKS helps us to achieve and surpass the necessary standards and ensure consistency with regular testing off the production line, in fact for all GORE-TEX® or CROSSTECH® fabric products, 2% of footwear are quality tested for 30 minutes every day. 

As a member company of the British Safety Industry Federation, Goliath Footwear are proud of our reputation to offer quality protective footwear, since 1880 we have developed knowledge and skill to ensure product excellence designed for the toughest occupations.  We are continuing to meet the demand for safety footwear where it is needed.  We are open for business.

Goliath Footwear will resume normal shipping times and full office contact from 7th May 2020


Covid19 Update – Goliath Footwear Service Changes

Message from Richard Habany – Manager of Goliath Footwear

Due to Covid-19 guidelines advised by the Government on self isolation and social distancing, Goliath Footwear will be adjusting its service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff.  We aim to continue to deliver the best service that we can in the circumstances whilst complying with the guidelines.

 Shipping day changes:

With immediate effect Goliath Footwear will be shipping orders on Tuesday and Thursday ONLY until further notice.

Office Contact

Due to a rolling staff management system for the office team, please email all orders and enquiries to sales@goliath.co.uk or if there any urgent enquiries for emergency services footwear call 07977 430620.  Please do not use the main office number at this time.

Goliath Footwear are continuously reviewing plans to provide service to customers. We are ready to implement any further contingency plans and disaster recovery plans should this be required.

We appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times and hope you stay safe and well.

Kind regards



Quick to the Rescue

Quick to the Rescue - High Performance Paramedic Footwear

Goliath’s Serotina 8 inch safety boots offers the ideal comfort and protection needed for the role of a paramedic.  With a lightweight construction and deep padding, the Serotina (HPAM1301) are suitable for driving and kneeling when attending incidents, and with a lace up / side zip combo, these boots are certainly quick to get on and off!   The Serotina include a lightweight aluminium toe cap to prevent toe injuries whilst maneuvering patients or on hazardous terrain, and a nail-proof midsole to protect from sharp objects underfoot too. With a high grip rating and a safety spec you would normally find in heavier industrial boots, the Serotina’s lightweight PU / Rubber sole construction make you feel nimble and responsive and ready for action.  Get full spec

Are your Foundry Boots meeting the latest standard?

Do your Specialist Protective Footwear Meet the Standards?

When sourcing industrial foundry footwear, you need to be sure of the latest standards to keep you safe and protected relative to modern working environments and systems. 

As a safety footwear manufacturer, Goliath Footwear produces footwear continually tested in our in-house SATRA lab, to ensure we are meeting the latest regulations including one of the latest standard updates EN ISO 20349:2017 Personal protective equipment — Footwear protecting against risks in foundries and welding.  Goliath’s specialist foundry boot Flash Max is certified to this new standard to give wearers optimum assurance. 

The Flash Max features a Dual Density Rubber injected sole unit with protective high wall, an aluminium protective toe cap, and is certified to withstand molten metal splashes as high as 1400°C. 

Flash Max Goliath foundry boots certified to EN ISO 209349:2017


Goliath Footwear partner World leading technology brands to bring the ultimate in safety footwear performance and wearer comfort.  It is especially important for people working in extreme weather conditions, or those in emergency service roles, to be assured of high quality durable footwear to meet their needs. 

Whilst some brands claim their safety shoes and boots are waterproof, did you know that the standard water ingress test does allow for some leakage?  At Goliath we don’t think that allowing any water into a boot that we claim is waterproof is a good idea, especially when you have a long work day to get through.  That is why we partner with work leading technical fabric brands GORE-TEX and CROSSTECH who produce optimum durable waterproof fabrics, that integrate with Goliath footwear designs.  GORE-TEX and CROSSTECH work together with Goliath’s specially selected leather to produce the optimal breathable and waterproof conditions so the wearer can feel dry and comfortable  It’s not a short term solution either, as GORE-TEX fabrics endure significant durability, crumple and centrifuge testing, and instil regular testing within the production process at the Goliath Footwear factory to give full assurance of long lasting high performance waterproof products.

Goliath supports tech team in bid for landspeed record

It was our pleasure to be able to supply Goliath boots to a Fire and Rescue Engineering team as they joined the Bloodhound Land Speed Record team in South Africa.   Phase 1 test target of 600mph was finally accomplished when the Bloodhound LSR achieved a land speed of 628 miles mph, which means they can push things further in the next testing sessions next year.  Gary Taylor and his team from G.S.T. Tec were on hand with their expertise, complete with Goliath SDR10CSI DDR boots, which, from his considerable time with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service, he knows are durable, comfortable and ideal for the job.  The current landspeed record of 763mph set by ThrustSSC, is the target to beat and it looks likely given this successful test mission that Bloodhound LSR team will smash it in the not too distant future.